Executive committee :

Main projects:


      Given the importance of the possibilities for the production of medicinal plants in the region of Tetouan, and the big demand for this product, the Association has programmed the creation of rural cooperatives in order to fulfill this objective, beginning from the village of Saddina and Kitan as models, to be followed by others.


      « KITAN » is a village five kilometers from Tetouan. The Association has given special attention to this area over the past five years and other villages in the city’s region. Its inhabitants have been censured and its potential resources and necessities have been evaluated.      
      Finally, a project has been prepared with the end of benefiting the inhabitants of this village, especially women and children. The project includes bringing drinking water to the village and its school, creating cooperatives, etc..


      Many women have asked us for help and technical assistance in creating cooperatives of different kinds.      
      The Association has created a system for basic formation and continued formation a the theoretical and practical levels in order to help these people form their own cooperatives.


      About 60 % of the men and 90 % of the women are illiterate. This problem is one of the most urgent problems of our city and region. Our Association has been active in this field. One of our projects consist in forming teachers to give classes in order to decrease the number of illiterate people, especially in the rural areas.


      In collaboration with Abdelmalek University of Tetoaun, on the one hand, and Saint Boniface College and Red River College at Winnepeg on the other, the Tetouan Asmir Association will create a centre for promoting tourism and which will include a program for forming mountain guides and other programs related to tourism.      
      The centre will form about 25 students every year as well as recycling official guides.


      The Al-Mandari Summer UNIVERSITY at Tetouan will be inaugurated during this coming summer of 2003.


      The Medina of Tetouan has been classified by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage and consequently deserves all the care and attention we can give it in order to restore its monuments and promote it internationally. The following are some of our objectives:
-To classify and resore the historical monuments in the Medina.
-To create the necessary conditions for its conservation and revitilization.
-To attract visitors to the attractive places in the city such as the museums, art galleries, hotels, restaurants and typical historical monuments.


      The city of Tetouan has many private libraries which need to be catalogued by computer in order to make their materials known to the researchers. We have a project in this sense and have so far catalogued over 30 libraries in Tetouan and other North Moroccan cities.


      We consider CD-ROMs to be an important means for promoting our cultural heritage. We will produce our fifth CD-ROM in our cultural series before the end of 2003.


      Our association has published more than 45 titles on Tetouan in Arabic, Spanish and French. We published 10 new titles during the course of 2002 and hope to maintain this momemtum during the coming years.


      In collaboration with the Erzini Foundation and the Junta de Andalucia, the Tetouan-Asmir Association will try to create an urban museum of Tetouan at the Dar Gharsia in the Medina. This is an eighteenth century house which we hope to transform into a museum with an art galery, cultural activities, and exposition rooms.


      One of the lost traditions in Tetouan is that of organizing a sports school festival Una de las tradiciones, ya perdidas, de Tetuán, era la organización de un festival deportivo escolar, al término del curso escolar (Julio) en el que participaban todas las instituciones docentes de la ciudad. La Asociación tiene el proyecto de hacer revivir cada año esta manifestación en la que prevalece el espirito de competitividad, camaradería indistintamente de los sexos.


      The economy of Tetouan faces numerous problems which block its social and economic development. The Tetouan-Asmir Association will organize a conference on this theme next April. The participants in this conference will include economists and experts in tourism, agriculture, etc… The purpose of this conference will be to identify and evaluate the problems blocking the city’s economic development and to suggest possible solutions. The conference will be organized from the 25th to the 27th of April, 2003.


      The Asociation has signed various agreements of cooperation with institutions, associations, etc.. They include the following:    
   - Al-Mandari City Council of Tetouan.   
   - Ministry of Justice. 
   - Directorate of Arquitecture, Rabat. 
   - Abdelmalek Assaâdi University of Tetouan.  
   - The Junta de Andalucía, Consejería de Obras públicas. 
   - Forja XXI Foundation. 
   - Ecole Normale Supérieure of Tetouan 
   - The Agency for the Developement of the North.

We also collaborate with the following : 
   - Ministry of Culture, Rabat 
   - Royal Cabinet, Rabat 
   - Diplomatic Club at Rabat 
   - Institut Français de Tétouan 
   - Al-Idrissi Foundation, Tetouan-Seville 
   - Bouregreg Association (Salé) 
   - Rif Al-Andalus Association (Chauen) 
   - Al-Boughaz Association (Tangier) 
   - Awladuna (Our Children) Association , Tetouan
   - Islamic Tetouani  Welfare Association 
   - Abdelkhalaq Torres-Al-Ahliya Library of Tetouan
   - Daoud Library at Tetouan
   - Guennoun Library at Tangier
   - Fas Sais Association (Fés)
   - Hanane Association
   - Medina Association (Madrid)
   - General Library and Archives of Tetouan
   - Delegate of the Ministry of Culture at Tetouan
   - Delegate of the Ministry of Tourism at Tetouan
   - The Customs Directorate of Tetouan 
   - The Instituto Cervantes at Tetouan 
   - La Consejería Cultural (Embassy of Spain, Rabat)
   - The Embassy of Brasil at Rabat
   - The Embassy of Mexico at Rabat
   - The Embassy of Egypt at Rabat
   - The Embassy of Spain at Rabat
   - The U.S. Embassy at Rabat
   - Ibn Battouta Association, Barcelona


      The Association publishes a bi-annual newsletter in Arabic on our activities and projects. We read in the last number:       

      Each year when the school year begins during the month of September, the Tetouan-Asmir Association distributes between 350 and 600 school bags containing books, notebooks, etc.. among the needy children in the underprivileged urban and rural areas of the city.

       We also donate glasses to the school children.

      Each year during the holy month of Ramadan, we distribute food to the poor in about  800 boxes containing oil, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, etc..

       Taadila is an old social traditional ceremony in Tetouan during which little girls are dressed as traditional brides. The association organizes this ceremony during which about sixty little girls from poor families are dressed as brides. (The cost of dressing each little girl is 50 €. However, the happiness of these little girls compensates our efforts.

       The association also organizes the collective circumcision of about sixty little boys every year accompanied by presents for the kids.

        In the context of our agreement with the Directorate of prisons of the Ministry of Justice, our association distributes blankets and clothes to the prisoners of Tetouan and its regions, especially the female prisoners.

    The Association offers television sets with a large screen, blankets, etc… to the Psychiatric Hospital of Tetouan which the patients appreciate greatly. 

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