We created the Tetouan Asmir Association in 1995 to promote the city of Tetouan by launching a series of cultural, social, economic and sports activities and projects. Only three years after its creation, the Tetouan Asmir Association has been recognized as an association of public interest. We are proud to have participated in the classification of the Medina of Tetouan as a world cultural city by UNESCO in November of 1997. We have always supported important official projects for the promotion of our city, but we have also proposed numerous projects and campaigned for other projects, some of which have been achieved. From the very start, we have chosen the Medina of Tetouan, the Ensanche or Spanish colonial quarter and the Muslim Cemetery as our main objective because they represent the city’s cultural heritage. We represent civil society but collaborate closely with the official other associations, authorities and various national and international institutions to achieve our goals.

The Tetouan Asmir Association was the first Moroccan Association to launch its own web site. I am happy to present our new web site to the public. It presents a comprehensive view of who we are, what we have achieved and outlines our objectives for the future. We have renewed the design and the content of our new web site. We expect to receive many more visitors not only through the internet, but through the iPhones. The fact that google now offers the possibility of translating web sites means language will no longer constitute an obstacle. We therefore expect to reach a much larger public.

Our most important asset has always been our human resources. The dedication of our members over a quarter of a century has achieved one of the most important associations in Morocco. The recognition of our achievements includes the entire national territory and beyond, especially in Spain. We are proud of our legacy, but we must now think of future roles that our association can play to solve the city’s problems. We are particularly proud that His Majesty King Muhammad VI of Morocco has received our members during his frequent visits to our city. This in itself is the highest honour that we can claim.

We have signed many agreements, but there are two recent agreements that we are particularly proud to announce. The first is our membership in the national confederation of Associations representing eight Moroccan cities, the Collectif Maroc-Mémoire. The second agreement has been the creation of CICOP-Marruecos. It is a branch of in Morocco of CICOP, an international confederation of cultural heritage centers when the 16th international congress of CICOP was organized at Tetouan in 2016. I can only thank you for your interest in the Tetouan Asmir Association and hope that you will enjoy visiting our new web site.