The most fundamental concern of the Tetouan Asmir Association is to promote different kinds of activities and projects in the city especially those of a cultural, social, sports and economic nature. We work with individuals, associations, foundations, ministries and agencies at the local, national, and international levels. We work closely with the local authorities, especially the Commune of Tetouan which is the city council and the Governor of the Province of Tetouan. For example, we are members of the commissions at follow up the Royal Project for the Restoration of the the Medina of Tetouan which includes the first project (2011-1014) and the second project, (2019-2023).

Our members belong to different walks of life, political parties and professions, and they often have different and even contrasting opinions concerning the same problems.

We organize numerous conferences on the medina and in the Medina of Tetouan, which has been classified by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage city since 1997. We have published more than  200 titles of books in Arabic, French, Spanish and English, on a variety of themes related Tetouan in general and the Medina in particular. Our publications cover a variety of fields including history, littérature, culture, art and society.

We also publish a newsletter of the association in Arab which appears about three times a year.

We have edited a DVD which includes five interctive CDRoms on the Medinas of Tetouan  Chauen and Salé. They include several languages.

We have a web site on the cultural heritage of the Medina of Tetouan :

We have also edited an audio-guide of the Médina of Tetouan in four languages, Arabic, Spanish, French and English.



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